To borrow a phrase from my editor: New feature alert!

Each week San Diego’s City Council meets. Prior to said meeting, the city posts an agenda on its website. We thought it’d be helpful to post a link to the agenda and highlight an issue or two that we’re following.

More importantly, we’re asking your assistance to tell us what items you care about and why they’re significant. Remember, I’m still the new guy in town. The more help the better and historical context is very much appreciated.

And since every new feature needs a catchy name, we’ll call this one, “On the Agenda Public Comment.”


  • City Council Agenda, Sept. 8, 2009.
  • Redevelopment Agency Agenda, Sept. 8, 2009.

Issues of Interest:

  • This agenda’s item of the week: The first approval of amendments to operating procedures for redevelopment organizations, Centre City Development Corp. and Southeastern Economic Development Corp. This is agenda Item-333 for those scoring at home.

Scandals ensnared both CCDC and SEDC last year, prompting calls for greater city oversight of the two city-created nonprofits. This item is the first time the entire City Council has weighed in on recommendations proposed by various council committees, the Mayor’s Office, the Independent Budget Analyst, the city auditor and the organizations themselves.

The conceptual changes up for approval are attached this report from the Independent Budget Analyst.

E-mail me at or comment (make sure you’re in The Hall to do so) with your thoughts on redevelopment or other council items.


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