I’ve come to trust the Houston Chronicle on this kind of thing: Ericka Mellon is reporting that Terry Grier is officially taking the superintendency in Houston and will be offered a job on Thursday afternoon. Here’s a juicy excerpt:

The length of Grier’s contract – which was a sticking point in the final days of negotiations – is expected to be three or four years. [Former Superintendent Abelardo] Saavedra moved to a year-to-year contract toward the end of his tenure.

“As a board, we just came off a one-year contract and some of us really liked that,” Harris said, “but it’s kind of unreasonable.”

Grier, who has a four-year contract in San Diego, declined to discuss details of his contract Wednesday.

“There’s been a lot of give-and-take and compromise,” Grier said. “They drive a hard bargain. My contract won’t look anything like Abe’s.”


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