The city’s chief operating officer wants to minimize the delays that have perennially plagued City Council’s efforts to settle on a location for the winter homeless shelter.

In a memo sent to council representatives yesterday, Jay Goldstone asked the eight members to propose at least one site for the shelter within each of their districts.

On Monday, the council rejected the mayor’s office’s list of potential locations, chiding the office for limiting the scope of its search to the downtown area. The mayor’s homeless coordinator said that decision was made because of downtown’s proximity to critical homeless services.

The Mayor’s Office appears to be streamlining the search and shielding itself from further criticism by passing the responsibility for site recommendations to the council members themselves, who best know their own districts.

“Once I have received your site recommendation, I will schedule a meeting with your staff to review the feasibility of your District’s proposed site prior to it being considered by the entire Council on October 13th,” Goldstone wrote.

The logic seems to be that council members couldn’t possibly criticize themselves for the list of sites they’ll consider Oct. 13. They will have created it themselves, so will have fewer reasons to send the Mayor’s Office back to the drawing board yet again.


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