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Here’s a roundup of reaction from various parties on today’s news about the city of San Diego’s $179.1 million budget deficit for next year.

  • City Councilman Todd Gloria has received great response from his question on Facebook asking for community dialogue on the budget deficit.
  • City Councilman Carl DeMaio also has many comments on his Facebook post. He says the city’s spending practices are “unsustainable.” DeMaio’s spokeswoman posted DeMaio’s plan to hold town hall meetings on a conservative blog.
  • City Councilman Tony Young issued a press release stating he was planning to ask council to open up the budget process immediately.
  • City Councilman Kevin Faulconer talked today at the news conference about beefing up auditing and pursuing managed competition.
  • Mayor Jerry Sanders warned about service cuts in all city departments.
  • The San Diego Police Officers Association, a union that has contract negotiations with the city this year, also issued a release. The union says it understands the city’s financial position, but is already one of the most understaffed big city departments in the country.

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