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A San Diego Unified school board member is calling for San Diego State to keep giving local students an edge when they apply to the university. The university recently announced that it would end a program that set a lower standard for grades and test scores for local students applying to the school.

John Lee Evans sent out a press release Sunday afternoon stating:

The decision to eliminate the local service area preference affects our students who are economically disadvantaged, as well as many of our middle class students in San Diego.  Many families cannot afford the extra expense of sending their student to an out-of-town university.

As a San Diego Unified Board member, I understand the economic crisis that education is experiencing at all levels.  However, there is no apparent economic gain to the university to admit a student from San Jose rather than San Diego.

Evans called on SDSU to immediately rescind the change for this school year because students are already applying and to reconsider the policy for future years. He plans to put a resolution on the issue to a vote at the school board next week.


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