Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • We’ll continue to lead off with city of San Diego budget news. Yesterday, I started a guest series in my blog, The Hall, where I’ve asked some folks to respond to two questions: What should the city do now to close its $179 million deficit and what should the city do moving forward? I’m hoping that we spur some dialogue so please post your comments or e-mail me. I’ll post the best answers on Friday.

Our first guest blogger, Murtaza Baxamusa of the Center on Policy Initiatives, says it’s past time to look at new revenue sources.

KPBS rounds up mayoral and council opinion on the deficit today as well.

  • San Diego Unified is seeing less money for school improvements than it thought. Why am I telling you this? Because even though other construction plans are being delayed, the schoobrary’s funding is on track.
  • The city’s Water Department again is facing accusations of misrepresenting another area’s water rate plan, which is designed to reward conservation and penalize excessive use.
  • The U-T reports on organizers of the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon returning the last of nearly $350,000 in public money after the newspaper pointed out that private business profited from the marathon.
  • All types of goodies, including college bowl games, could be Escondido’s if that city builds a new Chargers stadium, the North County Times says.
  • A couple quick hits to end the morning. Poway is considering extending car dealers’ exemptions from rules on signage. And the U-T’s opinion page says the Metropolitan Water District is “belligerently clueless” in its much maligned pension proposal.

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