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San Diego State University is responding to critics who have complained about changes to its admissions policy, such as school board member John Lee Evans and an activist group called the Education Consortium, who are calling for the university to keep giving local students an edge over outsiders, allowing them to get in with lower grades and SAT scores.

The university sent out a press release today to make several points. It argues that local students will still get preference if they have the same grades and SAT scores as outside students, though it will not admit lower-performing locals over other students, as it had done in the past. It countered accusations that it was actively discouraging local students to make SDSU “a more elite institution.”

“We believe it would be unfair to shut the door on hard-working students from other parts of San Diego County and other parts of the state,” the press release reads. It added that programs to guarantee admission to Hoover High and Sweetwater students who met academic requirements would remain intact.

The statement was a response to another press release sent by the Education Consortium, which held a news conference today at 4 p.m. at Lincoln High.


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