The San Diego Unified school board unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night urging San Diego State University to keep giving local students an edge in admissions to the school this year. The university has announced it would stop allowing local students to get in with lower test scores and grades than outside applicants.

SDSU has argued that local students will still get priority because of a new system that gives them extra points during the admissions process. SDSU President Stephen Weber sent a letter to the school board explaining the changes as a way to keep a good mix of local and outside students while the freshman class shrinks due to state budget cuts.

But activists have protested that the changes are unfair to high school seniors who have been getting ready to apply with the longstanding rules in mind and will shut out students who have no other options. The school board ultimately sided with their concerns.

“It affects our community. Our students. The very same students you are working so hard and spend hours here making better opportunities for,” Rosalia Salinas, co-chair of the local Latino Education Coalition, told the school board.


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