To keep the conversation going on the city of San Diego’s managed competition vs. outsourcing discussion (read background here, here and here), I’ll link to two letters that address the issue.

Jean Shin, an attorney for the city’s blue-collar Local 127 union, sent San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith a letter last Friday objecting to Goldsmith’s opinion that the city can outsource services without giving a bid to city employees.

Shin wrote that the city charter “clearly contemplates” a requirement that departments submit bids.

“Your proposed interpretation is implausible,” Shin added.

In a response also dated last Friday, Goldsmith emphasized that city departments can submit bids, but the charter language doesn’t require that they do so. That’s a policy question, he said.

“Our Legal Opinion is correct,” Goldsmith wrote. “However, simply because the City has broad outsourcing authority does not necessarily mean it will be exercised. The Mayor and City Council decide that policy question.”


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