Tuesday, Nov. 03, 2009 | The downtown site is perfect. It’s a win-win-win for everybody. The only thing missing is a way for the Chargers to make a profit on a vacant parcel to pay for part of the stadium. The answer is to give them a better than market deal on the Sports Arena or Qualcomm site with the condition that they build a NBA/NHL quality sports arena as part of their condo/retail/office development. We all get a new stadium and sports arena. The Chargers stay here in the perfect spot. We get a NBA and/or NHL team. The city’s property tax base goes way up with new revenue from the retail/residential/office part of the Sports Arena or Qualcomm development. In addition, the city will have the other vacant site to sell off or develop. The city also gets increased property taxes in East Village. WIN-WIN-WIN!

P.S. The city could use the remaining Sports Arena or Qualcomm site to relocate the marine training base. The marine site plus adjacent land near Lindbergh could possibly add a much needed second runway to the airport.

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