Good morning from Hillcrest.

Could we have more San Diego political news today?

  • We’ll lead off with the state Legislature’s passage of a $11.1 billion package to revamp California’s water policies. Our own Rob Davis breaks down what it means for San Diego and explains how certain local projects will benefit. The U-T has reaction from all sides and praises the deal in an editorial.

Capitol Weekly has a pair of interesting stories on the water package. The first says the deal was done with billions in earmarks. The second talks about the cost of the biggest water project, a canal that would shuttle water from the California Delta to the south, that isn’t included in the deal.

  • Yesterday, the California Supreme Court heard an appeal of one of the criminal cases involved in the city of San Diego’s pension underfunding scandal. It doesn’t look good for prosecutors, the U-T reports. Pension uber-blogger Ed Mendel was at the hearing, too and writes that the decision could have wide ranging impact around the state.
  • My story yesterday was on Chargers stadium news and how the new, chic Los Angeles option is facing the same financial hurdles that the team has had for seven years in San Diego County.
  • CityBeat adds more detail to last week’s San Diego City Council votes on the downtown schoobrary and outsourcing. The alt-weekly also reports on local U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray paying his wife to help with fundraising.
  • In our daily dose of medical marijuana news, CityBeat reports on the brief appearance of the San Diego Police Department to the city’s medical marijuana task force. Conservative blog SDRostra.Com writes that Encinitas’ Chamber of Commerce has an advertisement for a medical marijuana dispensary in its official newsletter.
  • Continuing the avalanche of recent San Diego historic home preservation news, KPBS writes about efforts in Councilman Todd Gloria’s district. CityBeat’s Carl Luna reacts to the story by saying the city needs to balance public good with private property rights.

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