Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009 | Can the military share an airport or not? On the question of Miramar, I have heard that the military cannot share the land for a dual use airport. In traveling around the country I have noticed that many major airports have a military side. Airports such as Jacksonville, Charleston, Minneapolis all seem to have a military side. I am sure there are many more. Why, with over 10,000 acres, couldn’t there be a shared airport at Miramar? I have noticed that many airports around the country have new modern terminals. Our terminal 2 is surpassed. Terminal 1 doesn’t even compete. San Diego will never be a major hub, but can’t we do better? Building a new airport would be a big job producer. Building that Gaylord project would have provided thousands of good jobs, right now when we could sure use them. I understand Mesa, AZ is under construction right now with the Gaylord resort we didn’t want. I guess we didn’t need those jobs either.

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