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Remember the fuss about including school test scores as part of principals’ evaluations? It looks like that is now off the table.

This week, the San Diego Unified board approved a plan to keep using the old evaluation for principals this year, before rolling out a new version that doesn’t include test scores. That version was piloted by principals last spring, before the school district altered its proposed evaluation to include school performance. That proved controversial with principals, who pushed against it.

Bruce McGirr, director of the principals union, said that after Superintendent Terry Grier announced his departure, the district agreed to drop the added criteria that included test scores. Schools still have improved scores as part of their goals, but boosting test performance is not tied to an individual person. McGirr wrote:

The only thing that might change [our] position on use of test data to evaluate principals would be a change to the California Ed. Code that would allow the use of test data to evaluate teachers, as well. But even if the state changed the law, allowing districts to use test data to evaluate teachers, [the teachers union] will never let that happen.


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