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Remember when San Diego Unified realized it had more than $16 million in unanticipated costs and revenues that might not pan out for this school year?

The bad news is that staffers have bumped that number from $16.6 million to $17.6 million. The good news is that the school district has already scrounged up $10.2 million in possible solutions, though a big part of the plan is that $5.6 million will be “absorbed in ending balance.” That typically means that an agency will just take the money out of what it would have left in its coffers at the end of the year.

The report says that leaves $7.2 million left to go — and that’s before the school district starts to grapple with the budget cuts for next school year.

This is just one of the details from a lengthy report on the budget that the school board is looking over tomorrow night. I’ll have more as I keep going through the numbers.


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