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Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009 | In Liam Dillon’s story on Nov. 20, you reported the fiscal task force “… formed by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders…” made numerous recommendations, including the consideration of bankruptcy if recommendations they made were not implemented.

Now that Sanders has had time to study the report and get some blow back from the “draft” recommendations, the party line has suddenly changed.

Sanders now says, in Rob Davis Nov. 24 story, that he didn’t form the group at all, despite the fact they’ve met weekly for four months, interviewed numerous high level city officials, examined records not generally available to the public and come up with detailed analysis and a comprehensive list of solutions. Sanders now claims that it’s “…a group of individuals who came to me and asked to help out on this…”, ergo, he has no obligation to pay any attention to what they say. His budget plan clearly reflects that.

Query: If it was just some self-generated group of do-gooders that created the report, why was it labeled a draft? A draft for whose approval? It’s obvious to any casual observer that this mayor was schooled in the Bill Clinton method of political maneuver. If you don’t like the answer, claim you didn’t ask the question!

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