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I occasionally correspond with inmates at San Diego facilities to get a different perspective of law enforcement and our judicial system. It’s good background for any crime reporter and it can lead to powerful stories. If you know an inmate with something to say, please let them know that I’m here to listen.

The Rules:

I will never give legal advice, because I am not an attorney. I may not respond to an inmate’s letters, and I can only promise to read them as time allows. I will never publish anything from a letter without the inmate’s consent.

The Letters:

I am most interested in stories that will help people understand larger issues in San Diego. What circumstances led to the crime and incarceration? What could have prevented the crime from happening? What crimes should be San Diego’s biggest concerns?

I am also interested in stories that will shed some light on life in San Diego’s jail facilities. How would an inmate describe the daily routine of prison? How do inmates treat each other? How do inmates deal with issues like overcrowding, job training or mental illness?

Please have inmates send all mail correspondence to:

Keegan Kyle

2508 Historic Decatur Rd., Ste. 120

San Diego, CA 92106


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