Water consumption is down 10.3 percent countywide since water-use restrictions went into effect in July, the San Diego County Water Authority, the region’s water wholesaler, announced today.

Here’s a breakdown of the rest of the decline trends:

  • 8 percent: The decline this year compared to last (through November)
  • 4.9 percent: The decline in November, as compared to last November.
  • 17.5 percent: The decline (through November) as compared to 2007, when conservation efforts began. (Includes agricultural customers.)
  • 15.4 percent: The decline if agriculture is excluded.
  • 38,195,652,800 gallons: How much less water has been used this year compared to 2007.
  • 29,048 years: How long you could run a shower with that much water.
  • 180,054,681,000 gallons: How much water the authority has sold countywide this year.


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