Good morning from Point Loma.

  • We’ll lead off today with the resignation of city of San Diego Ethics Commissioner Gil Cabrera. Cabrera has been at the center of a six-month stalemate over how to nominate commissioners. Cabrera, who has been outspoken in pushing for broader public disclosures, had wanted to serve a second four-year term, but wasn’t nominated by Mayor Jerry Sanders. City Council has since been deadlocked on to find replacements.
  • In other Ethics Commission news, the developer seeking to build a new City Hall was one of two organizations fined for filing a late lobbying disclosure. The commission also is investigating opponents of an alcohol ban at beaches over the filing of campaign statements. We wrote about the group’s campaign filings in Oct. 2008. Days later a complaint was filed against the group with the city’s Ethics Commission.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday overturned campaign finance rules that limited special interest spending in elections. San Diego experts said it means more money could flow into local campaigns.
  • District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis called off her office’s boycott of a Superior Court judge with as little explanation as she gave for having the boycott in the first place.
  • The big issue for San Diego City Council next week is sewage recycling.
  • Our fact check blog looks at the city’s pledge to fix potholes within 72 hours and finds it “false” based on an analysis we did in November.
  • And a medical marijuana dispensary in Fallbrook could be headed for stardom in a reality TV show.


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