Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • We’ll lead off the day with the launch of KPBS’ series on Proposition 13, the anti-tax initiative that set the fiscal framework for modern-day California. The series starts with a look back at the heady days of 1978 when the initiative passed. I’m a huge fan of whoever put the transcribed song lyrics into the story.
  • We look at the problem of water conservation in San Diego apartment and condo complexes, starting with the apartment of’s own Rob Davis.
  • San Diego’s City Council agreed to a set of principles to address the city’s long-term budget deficit and decided to make a larger push toward funding retiree health care and citywide deferred maintenance.
  • Speaking of retiree health care, the council’s Rules Committee will hear an update from Mayor Jerry Sanders’ Office on long-awaited and required actuarial studies on health care and the DROP program.
  • San Diego’s elected officials won’t be getting raises any time soon.
  • The State of the City address in New York City included a flattering mention of San Diego’s high-tech industry.
  • And The New York Times picked up the Union-Tribune story that the Comic-Con convention might leave San Diego.


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