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Good morning from Hillcrest.

  • One of the most frequently criticized expenditures in San Diego politics — the $10 million in annual discretionary funds for San Diego County supervisors — might get cut in half, according to a recommendation by Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Greg Cox. Our own Rob Davis catalogues the long history of the funds. But hey, at least it’s not Los Angeles.
  • In breaking news from this morning, Supervisor Ron Roberts might have a second contender for his seat: former City Council candidate Stephen Whitburn.
  • An outsourcing plan for some of the city of San Diego’s IT services hit a roadblock in a City Council committee meeting yesterday. Council members forwarded the bid from a Los Angeles-area firm to the full council, but gave it a lukewarm response. The Mayor’s Office contends the outsourcing would save the city $1.5 million a year.
  • Temporary closures of city fire departments haven’t had a measurable impact, Fire Chief Javier Mainar told a council committee yesterday. But he added the effects of the closures are difficult to understand.
  • A City Council candidate has apologized for four-year-old e-mails that surfaced this week decrying gays in politics.
  • Local environmentalists issued report cards for San Diego city leaders yesterday. Most didn’t fare so well.
  • San Diego’s first City Hall building has been sold.
  • Speaking of city history, we Fact Check the date San Diego became a city.
  • In cool stuff of the day, I put together an interactive bubble chart of the city of San Diego’s budget. How big is your favorite department?
  • Finally, I made my San Diego Explained television debut. My topic is outsourcing.


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