I had the pleasure of photographing two bigwigs named Bill today. One of them, police Chief Bill Lansdowne, had a bobblehead in his office that I couldn’t resist photographing. The bobblehead doll was also a Bill: former Sheriff Bill Kolender.

The Kolender bobble head is a thing of lore in these pages. In the first installment of a five-part series about Bonnie Dumanis, reporter Kelly Thornton wrote this about Kolender and Dumanis’ relationship:

The Republican power couple came to be known as “Dumander,” a term Dumanis finds funny and observers find fitting. Dumanis’ devotion endures. She has a bobblehead doll of Kolender on her desk (they were given out at his retirement bash). And a picture of him rotates on her home computer’s screen saver.

I’ll be sharing images of more Bills in the days to come.


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