The estimated 3,173,407 people in San Diego County are an eclectic bunch. Our region is dynamic and diverse, but our geography, socio-economic status and a myriad of other factors can divide us. The San Diego People Project aims to help bridge these divides to connect San Diegans.

The format is basic. Each week, we’ll photograph a San Diegan and find out his or her age, neighborhood and thoughts on the biggest challenge facing the region. And we’ll share a photo of that person. Every Wednesday, we’ll introduce you to a new neighbor.

This is our first installment in the series. If you have any suggestions for interesting San Diegans to profile, drop a comment or send me an e-mail at

Name: Gregory Lindsay

Age: 22

Part of town: Living on the streets of downtown San Diego.

What is the biggest challenge facing San Diego?

“The biggest challenge? I’d say a job, cause it’s kind of hard to find one nowadays. Even though I’m trying to keep myself clean, it’s kind of hard to get one still.”


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