About a year ago, a spent a couple of crisp mornings with a Chula Vista volunteer working, day by day, to make the world around him just a little bit better.

That story profiled John Willett, a World War II veteran who’s spent years picking up trash, cutting weeds and patrolling the Otay River Valley in Chula Vista.

Writing the story was a break from the norm for me: No fights for records, no arguments, no politics, no conflicts.

I’ve been writing a lot about things going wrong lately, and I need a little respite. I want to tell a story about something going right. Help me find someone who’s working to make the world and the environment around them better. Someone who avoids the spotlight but deserves it. A difference maker.

E-mail me with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions at rob.davis@voiceofsandiego.org or call me at 619.325.0529.


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