We’re looking for an ambitious investigative reporter to dig up dirt, hold people accountable and explain how San Diego ticks. The reporter will juggle long-term projects and quick-hit stories, working solo, with the help of an intern or in tandem with a beat reporter.

The primary focus will be public agencies and public officials, but it won’t be exclusive to that. This journalist will rove the region looking for the biggest stories. Success will be measured in impact.

Stories could be done in traditional long-form. Or through a serial narrative in a blog. With our partners on television and radio. Or in some innovative way we haven’t even thought of yet.

Experience is desired but ambition and promise have a chance, too. Spanish fluency a plus.

Show off your storytelling skills with a solid cover letter and clips and a resume, too. Send to Andrew Donohue, editor: andrew.donohue@voiceofsandiego.org.

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