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Keegan Kyle’s article about the gay community’s split over Whitburn versus Roberts was good food for thought.

I can tell you that the split is healthy, balanced and not surprising. The community is teeming with good gay politicians.

Roberts and his staff respond very well to their gay and non-gay constituents. Gloria, by making no endorsement, has tipped his hat to the gay community as well as not disrespecting his friend Ron Roberts. Republicans San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Councilman Carl DeMaio are not supported by all of the gay and lesbian community by the fact that they are Republicans.

So really, Ron Roberts has no excuse for hurt feelings. He is actually in good company!

As a gay man living in San Diego, I care more about how Whitburn or Roberts will supervise. I am a San Diegan first and gay second.

How Mr. Whitburn relates to the Asian community in Linda Vista or to Somalis in Oak Park, for instance, matter more to me than anything else.

I know where Mr. Whitburn will get the majority of his votes — I just don’t want to see non-gays in his district disenfranchised if he is elected.

Terry E. Abrams lives in North Park.

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