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This week I had the rare privilege of interviewing a San Diego man who’s been called the “Emily Post of the Loo.” He’s perhaps the world’s leading proponent of restroom etiquette, full of tips about how to use the facilities in a proper manner.

We’ll tell you more about him later. But for now, we’re looking for the ideal place for our photographer (who may be reconsidering his career choice) to shoot a portrait of him.

This is where you come in. Which are the best public restrooms in the San Diego area, the ones that are the most inviting, comfortable and luxurious? And which restrooms are the absolute worst?

We don’t need photos. Really, we don’t. But descriptions are fine. (Famous last words.) Drop me a line or leave us a comment. And stay tuned: We’ll let you know about the local restrooms to remember (and forget).

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