Both Target and Walmart want to build stores in a southeastern San Diego neighborhood that has long been neglected by private investors.

Community residents met Tuesday night to discuss whether a nonprofit developer should invite one of those two stores to move onto a vacant Market Street lot in the Chollas View neighborhood. A big box store would transform the neighborhood, and some residents Tuesday night said they’d prefer to see the land used another way, like for a hospital or a park.

I’ll be focusing later today on how the decision-making process underway in southeastern San Diego reflects some of the interesting changes in the community and its demographics and some of the tension that’s created among longtime residents.

But for a summary of the meeting, you can read the Union-Tribune’s coverage, which points out the two stores’ proposals:

Both big-box chains have expressed interest in opening a store at the approximately 8-acre Hillside Property, which is north of Market Street and east of 47th street.

Walmart hopes to build a 120,000-square-foot two-story facility with surface and underground parking that would sell general merchandise and groceries. The size and look of a potential Target is still being discussed, residents were told.

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