Two mayors’ articles appear in the Union-Tribune last Wednesday.

Mayor Sanders wrote about his plan for budget cuts, in some cases slashes that draw blood: parks and recreation, and libraries.

Former mayor Susan Golding wrote an editorial about child abuse. She should read the mayor’s plan because decimating the libraries and choking the life out of parks and recreation are forms of child abuse.

Today’s San Diego children are not considered important enough in public policy plans that involve their mental and physical development so critically. And, it’s not just in communities in severe economic stress. All communities in San Diego need these core services.

No lobbyist speaks up for the children. It is up to each City Council representative to consider core services like these and protect them. I have learned through the years that city politics involve that old shell game.

Let’s quit playing politics with libraries. You cannot put a dollar value on libraries the way you can on building a football stadium. Children hunger for learning and activity, if only the adults in charge saw how critical these core services are.

Sandra Lippe lives in University City.

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