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These were the most-read stories for the week of June 6-12, 2011.

  NFL Star Sues Billionaire’s Son Over La Jolla Home

Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu says the son of a local billionaire sold them a $4.75M home whose backyard then collapsed into a canyon.

  Cleaning the Football Stadium for God

For nearly three decades, thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses have thoroughly scrubbed Qualcomm Stadium of a year of filth in advance of their convention. They’ve built its offices, too.

  The 401(k)’s Sticker Shock

An inconvenient detail has hovered over the major measure: 401(k)s may not do anything to San Diego’s massive pension deficit, and in the short term, force the city to pay more to its pension system.

  Embattled Charter School Could Be Shuttered

The decision on shutting down Promise Charter could be a dramatic test of the school district’s new, tighter leash on charters.

  Fact Check: Mysterious Outage Unleashes S.D. Chaos?

Statement: “It was just after midday in San Diego, California, when the disruption started. In the tower at the airport, air-traffic controlle…

  Fact Check: DeMaio Wrong on Pension Numbers

Statement: “(Carl DeMaio) also proposes eliminating the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), which costs the city approximately $150 million annually by allowing city employees to return to a salaried job while concurrently drawing their retirement payouts,” Carl DeMai…

  School Board’s Big Play on Worker Salaries

Dissecting San Diego Unified’s attempt to rework the pay raises it gave just one year ago.

  Morning Report: Illegal Mural Is Stuck on Encinitas

How Madonna mural makes ends meet, hotel taxes may deter tourists, school shutdown showdown and the crack Padres staff.

  In Mayoral Race, Filner Loves Filner

The local congressman becomes the first major Democrat running in a race that he’s pretty sure he’s going to win.

  Mayor’s Race: Faulconer Out, Endorses Dumanis

Republican councilman bows out and supports the district attorney.

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