The Thin Blue Line
The San Diego Police Department has faced unimaginable tragedy over the last year. Horrific officer deaths and scandals have forced Chief William Lansdowne to reconsider retiring.
The Pressure
At the same time, at least one mayoral candidate has pledged to eliminate guaranteed pensions for police officers. And two are not sure that they would keep Lansdowne if voters elect them mayor.
The Rub
We give police officers tremendous responsibilities and powers. If they sense a sufficient threat, they can detain someone or even kill them. That’s why abuse of these powers is so frightening.
Watch for these stories in 2012:
• What will the city do to regain trust in police and strengthen oversight?

• Will Chief Lansdowne remain on the job?

• Will new police officers keep getting pensions?

We must demand excellence from this most important function of city government. How will we get it, though?

Dagny Salas

Dagny Salas was web editor at Voice of San Diego from 2010 to 2013. She was an investigative fellow at VOSD from 2009 to 2010.

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