I’ve been answering your questions about the Affordable Care Act with my series “Second Opinion” for three months now. You’ve thrown me some tough questions, sending me down rabbit holes burrowed by the Internal Revenue Service and the Congressional Research Service, and putting me in touch with smart people from local insurance companies and community clinics.

This series has taken a village – no, an army. So it might surprise you to know I take issue with the notion that the Affordable Care Act is confusing. I think a better word is “intimidating.”

The vast majority of folks I’ve talked to for “Second Opinion” haven’t begun to look for answers, because those answers lie within 955 pages of government regulation.

So I’ve teamed up with colleagues at KPBS and Voice of San Diego and partnered with Emily Bazar, author of the “Ask Emily” series through the University of Southern California’s Center for Health Reporting, to develop a web application that will help you get the gist of those 955 pages.

Use our easy, click-through guide to find out what you need to do as an individual, family or business under the law. It will arm you with the basics.

For the trickier specifics, keep sending me your questions.

Megan Burks

Megan Burks is a reporter for Speak City Heights, a media project of Voice of San Diego, KPBS, Media Arts Center and The AjA Project. You can contact her...

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