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These were the most-read stories for the week of May 3-9.

1. 5 Big Claims ‘Blackfish’ Makes About SeaWorld

2. An Unexpected Casualty in San Diego’s Food Truck Crackdown: Craft Breweries

3. Teachers Call Upon San Diego School Trustee to Help Save Seniority Rules

4. For This School, Lack of Donations or Supplements Haven’t Stopped Success

5. Fact Check: Councilwoman’s Consistency on Building Height Limits

6. Up in the Air: The Future of Drones in San Diego

7. An Unruly Clairemont Crowd Asks: ‘Leave Us in Peace’

8. Millennials Have Great Expectations of San Diego

9. ‘The NIMBY Left and NIMBY Right Are Converging’

10. Taking the Community Out of Community Plans

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