These were the most-read stories for the week of May 10-16.

1. The Best Resources for Tracking the Bernardo Fire

2. 5 Big Claims ‘Blackfish’ Makes About SeaWorld

3. The Clairemont Controversy’s Two Uncomfortable Truths

4. What a $13.09 Minimum Wage Would Do to Small Business

5. How Wildfires Start (Hint: It’s Usually Not Arson)

6. An Unruly Clairemont Crowd Asks: ‘Leave Us in Peace’

7. A Reader’s Guide to Scott Peters

8. Not the First Time DeMaio’s Been Accused of Borrowing ‘Right Down to the Color Scheme’

9. 9 Cases Still Haunting SDPD

10. A Reader’s Guide to Carl DeMaio, 2014 Edition

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