These were the most-read stories for the week of July 6-11.

1. The Silver Lining to San Diego’s Obscene Housing Prices

2. 4 Ways the DA’s Letter Defense Digs Her in Deeper

3. DeMaio: Send Them Back; Peters: The Law Says They Get a Chance

4. Yep, Trolley Use and Density Are Linked

5. Caught in San Diego Unified’s Crosshairs, a Charter School Lives Up to Its Name

6. Time to Rethink Our Less-Than-’Satisfactory’ Teacher Evaluation System

7. Meet the Man Who Strolled Onto the School Board

8. Three Hurdles Facing Sweetwater’s New Superintendent

9. What’s in Your Ocean Waters This Summer

10. How San Diego Polices Its Other Wage Laws

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