These were the most-read stories for the week of Aug. 16-22.

1. Taxi-Turned-Uber Drivers Get a New Lease on Life

2. With Operation Secure San Diego, SDPD Is Doing More Watching and Less Talking

3. The Catch-22 of San Diego’s Tourism Economy

4. How the Tuna Capital of the World Is Weathering America’s Breakup With Tuna

5. Two Big City Issues in Need of a Decider

6. Fact Check: Kashkari’s Big Claims About California’s Poverty

7. ‘I Saw an Opportunity to Regain Control of the Desert Line’

8. Oops: San Diego Unified Might Have Just Unwittingly Validated ‘Vergara’

9. Inside the Asylum Process That Could Bring More Iraqis to San Diego County

10. Businessman to Businesses: Let the Wage Hike Stand

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