U.S. Rep. Scott Peters has been re-elected.

After gaining only a slim 861-vote lead over Carl DeMaio in Thursday’s count, Peters widened the margin to 4,491 votes after the registrar counted the bulk of remaining votes.

The registrar and staff counted 31,000 ballots in the district Friday, he told Claire Trageser. Only about 10,000 remain. Peters only needs to win about 30 percent of them to hold the lead.

There was some frustration that AP called the race. And DeMaio seemed optimistic. But even the Republican blog SD Rostra called it in their breakdown of the numbers.

• However, all was not perfect in Peters’ world. After the results were released, NBC 7 broke the story of police search warrant affidavits that, among other details, say that the primary accuser of DeMaio — a former staffer named Todd Bosnich — handed DeMaio campaign information to Peters’ campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar.

The documents also reveal that the Peters campaign held on to the information for several days before alerting police. Peters had said his team handed it to police within 24 hours of getting it.

By late Friday, U-T San Diego posted a longer review of some of the search warrant requests, which revealed a lot about the police’s investigation into a break in at DeMaio’s office. Among other points, they show that Bosnich told Pintar about the harassment he said he got from DeMaio. And she was the one who told the police. Police later approached him about it.

Pintar released a statement describing what she says happened.

The affidavits also apparently detail anonymous emails Bosnich told the police he had received. One of them ominously advised him to take money DeMaio had offered him to stay quiet and save his career. NBC followed up on this point.

• I was on the KPBS Roundtable Friday discussing the race.

• There were a few interesting reactions to the outcome of the election. The winning smack talk might have been from Kate Lyon, the Peters staffer whom DeMaio had mocked with a picture of a large woman in an email leaked out of the campaign. “This ‘fat’ lady has sung,” she tweeted.

Tough Week for Dems Means Bad One for Speaker

In our weekly Sacramento Report, Brian Joseph points out: Toni Atkins coasted to a re-election victory Tuesday night in her San Diego district, but the Assembly Speaker may be the San Diego state lawmaker who lost the most. The supermajority Democrats held in Sacramento appears to have been lost on her watch.

Plus all the links to help you understand what’s happening in Sacramento we might need to care about.

Gloria on VOSD Radio

We talked about the election on this week’s podcast. And Andrew Keatts interviewed Council President Todd Gloria about the minimum wage and what the hold-up is in creating enough housing to help with the other side of things: how much it costs to live here.

You can read Keatts’ summary of the conversation here and listen to the podcast for all our banter.

What We Learned This Week

• This was an interesting story: de-emphasizing the Navy as an economic anchor just shifted the ways in which San Diego rakes in government money.

• Turns out, supporting that big, strange bond was a bad decision for incumbent Poway Unified School District trustees.

• The San Diego City Council may not have a super-majority of Democrats any longer but that’s not the only significant consequence of Republican Chris Cate’s election.

Quick News Hits

• Meanwhile, only 50 votes separate Serge Dedina and Jim Janney in the race for mayor of Imperial Beach.

• There seems to have been a break in the mysterious case of the McStay family murders, which has baffled investigators for years. An arrest was made. Here’s the U-T and NBC 7 San Diego.

• Check out these new library hours for the city of San Diego — a pretty impressive expansion.

• The U-T’s Steve Greenhut sides with … the union (?) in local taxi wars. Makes sense, there’s an artificial cap on the number of permits allowed, which makes getting them a bit cronyish and extremely expensive. Not long ago, we explained why this partly was leading cab drivers to convert to Uber operators.

Quote of the Week

“I’ve looked at the system and watched it very carefully, and we have the highest recidivism rate in the country. We’re warehousing people and we can’t get them treatment.”

— Former San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne to us about why he supported (and helped write) Proposition 47.

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