Can you imagine… even ONE day not having access to a computer?

Imagine that you live in one of 266,000 San Diego homes currently without a computer or access to the internet.

Imagine that in order for your child to do their daily homework, when you get home from work you take them to the library and stand in line for a computer. How scared you must feel seeing your child fall further behind the American Dream because of limited access to technology?

Computers 2 San Diego Kids closes this gap by refurbishing computers and placing them in the homes of low-income families. Since 2005, we have provided more than 138,000 children with the tools necessary to improve their lives. Each computer includes Microsoft and more than 1,000 educational programs. Each family receives training, technical support, and life-time replacement should their computer fail. And our partnership with Cox on the Connect2Compete Initiative provides affordable internet, ensuring the entire family has the tools to access life’s opportunities for at least the next 10 years.

We all know the role computers plan in our lives. In a world powered by technology, computers are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for success. Together we provide the tools for success to San Diego’s children.

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