These were the most-read stories for the week of Jan. 24-30.

1. The City’s Infrastructure Woes, in 3 Charts

2. Scott Barnett vs. San Diego Unified Is the Least Surprising Fight Ever

3. Work for No Wage to Get a Minimum Wage Hike Passed

4. Stop Letting SD’s Goliaths Masquerade as Davids

5. One Paseo Would Set an Ugly Precedent

6. The Bad Infrastructure Numbers Are Even Worse Than We All Thought

7. All the Fuss About One Paseo in One Placeo

8. Power Is Weakening Local Businesses

9. ‘A City as Diverse as Ours, a Mayor Has to Be Accessible’

10. Culture Report: We Get It, San Diego. You Like Jason Mraz.

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