Water flooded San Diego’s streets this week thanks to a storm that will soon blow over. But in November, when there was minor flooding, it wasn’t because of rain. Nor was it due to one of San Diego’s ubiquitous water main breaks. It was the biggest tide ever recorded — higher even than what was predicted.

And it could be a sign of what’s to come for San Diego.

• The NOAA lets you check actual tide measurements for San Diego and compare them to predictions in real time.

Hitler Video Unjustifiable

As a sheriff’s deputies booked Cliften Korsch into jail in August 2014, they ran into a problem. Korsch was refusing to speak English and would use only German to communicate. It was at this point that an unnamed deputy turned on a YouTube video of Hitler giving a speech “about killing Jews,” Kelly Davis reports. Korsch would later make an official complaint about the way he was treated, and a review board will meet this month to note the Hitler allegation as “sustained.” Other allegations made by Korsch lacked sufficient evidence, the review board found.

The Sheriff’s spokeswoman said the deputy in question has received appropriate disziplin.

Trustee Foster Now Facing Lawsuit

Another twist came in the story of San Diego Unified trustee Marne Foster’s alleged abuse of power on Wednesday. Kim Abagat, head counselor at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, filed a lawsuit claiming Foster abused her power and retaliated against Abagat, who had written “an unflattering but accurate college recommendation letter for Foster’s son,” Mario Koran reports.

The lawsuit also alleges other incidents where Foster retaliated against other school employees for reasons surrounding her son’s performance and behavior, including reassigning Mitzi Lizarraga, SCPA’s principal at the time. Superintendent Cindy Marten “has admitted that she did receive pressure from Foster to remove Lizarraga,” Koran writes, but that she made the decision “based on what she thought was best for the school.”

The Learning Curve: New Digs, New School

School officials are busy spending dollars hard-won through voter approval, Koran also reports. In the mix of dollars spent are technology purchases and stadium builds, with more boring items like repairs and air condition units yet to come in the next round of spending. But also in the mix is a new school envisioned to be built in the Civita development, which is a big project being built on a 238 acre portion of the Mission Valley area.

“The school district hasn’t yet approved the school. But the district has been moving forward on it,” Koran writes. The district will first go after the land they need for building. Then, developers hope, they’ll opt to use that land to build a high-tech modern school “with space for 600 students.”

The Port’s Plans

The Union-Tribune sat down with the leaders of the San Diego Unified Port District to find out what they plan to do with another year of budget surplus and a healthier economy. On the wishlist is a “green necklace” (a reference to Boston’s Emerald Necklace series of nine parks), low-cost visitor accommodations, and a revived focus on arts activity. They also allude to a sandy beach that may be showing up somewhere along San Diego Bay, and, do my eyes deceive me? Someone in San Diego is actually talking about maintaining their infrastructure? “We have all the improvements that we invested in all around the bay. Our costs go up every year,” Port CEO Randa Coniglio said.

News Nibbles

• Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a new budget that spends more money on education and infrastructure, and pumps up the rainy-day fund. (NBC 7)

• As we wait for the great stadium saga climax, here’s a good stage-setting piece by the LA Daily News’s Vinny Bonsignore. Dean Spanos sounded upbeat after a long meeting with the NFL on Wednesday over whether the Chargers will move to the LA market. (OC Register)

• The Wall Street Journal notes San Diego’s downtown is transforming into “The Big City,” as San Diegans “explore a new pursuit: walking.

• The Union-Tribune brings the story of a mentally-ill man who has tried to claim ownership of both Petco and Qualcomm stadiums.

• This candidate for political office thinks the other candidates also running for the same seat should stop doing that. (Union-Tribune)

• inewsource reports President Obama’s new policies on guns probably won’t change the low interest San Diegans have in buying and selling guns.

When It Rains…

It’s basically havoc out in the streets due to flooding: this Goodwill collapsed, a couple of significant bluffs have collapsed around beaches, and there’s mudslides into peoples homes. Parking garages are bathtubs. There go all of your trash bins, floating down your street. Folks lined up and waited three hours to get 10 free bags of sand at Qualcomm today. FYI, the US Army Corps of Engineers reckons you’ll need 80 sand bags for every 10 feet of space you want to protect from water rising 1 foot above your levee.

So if you’re standing helplessly roadside watching your Toyota floating in flash pond, it’s a hard time to remember that successfully driving through lakes is yet another reason why Lamborghini owners have it better than the rest of us.

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can email him at voice@s3th.com or find him on Twitter: @loteck.

Seth Hall

Seth Hall is a local writer and technologist. You can reach him at voice@s3th.com or follow him on Twitter: @loteck.

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