On this week’s podcast, we tried to get a sense of the little bit of information that’s come out about the shooting of an unarmed man in El Cajon that’s led to days of protests.

This was before the El Cajon Police Department’s mid-Friday release of video footage of the shooting, after previously releasing only a still image from the video.

Plus, we went over a debate between competing economic consultants from the tourism industry and the Chargers over the reasonable expectations for what a new convadium might mean for local hotels, and the tax revenue it translates to for the city.

There’s no interview this week, as we try to pull together some of the best clips from last weekend’s Politifest for a wrap-up show next week. Instead, we’ve included the latest episode of the San Diego Decides podcast, our weekly show on everything you need to know about the overstuffed November ballot.

Our hero this week was all the volunteers who showed up and made Politifest a screaming success. The goat this week was the San Diego State University athletic department, which lost a wrongful termination suit brought by former women’s basketball coach Beth Burns. The court determined the real reason for her firing was retaliation for her complaints about possible Title IX violations.

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