The School for the Creative and Performing Arts building at Chula Vista High School. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

1. Sweetwater Officials Agreed to Keep Quiet About Teacher Who Report Found Harassed and Groped Students

An investigation found Anthony Atienza’s behavior toward female students to be “severe and pervasive.” As part of his departure deal, Atienza received paid leave and Sweetwater Union High School District officials agreed not to tell other schools or prospective employers about the misconduct findings. (Ashly McGlone)

2. Opinion: Developers Aren’t the Enemy — Selfish Residents Are

The suggestion that building more units will not serve to ease the housing crisis denies history and basic supply-demand economics. (Kirk Effinger)

3. Politics Report: Rough Night for the Council Prez

In San Diego, the City Council president is one of the most powerful positions in the region — of course, power is relative to what people are willing to do with it. Whatever power and prestige it has did not help current City Council President Myrtle Cole. (Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis)

4. In Closed Session, Faulconer Blocked Decision on SANDAG’s New Leader

Board members representing small cities have discussed withholding a quorum so the board can’t make any decisions, if it keeps using its newfound authority that gives more weight to larger cities. A vote on Friday could put that resolve to the test. (Andrew Keatts)

5. Officials Scrambled to Seal Twin Tunnels Deal Out of Fear Newsom Could Kill it

Water officials and members of Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration rushed to seal the deal on a multibillion-dollar plan to build two tunnels to move water south from Northern California partly out of fear that Gavin Newsom could undo the whole plan if he becomes governor, newly released documents show. (Ry Rivard)

6. What Democrats Can Learn From the Primary Results

The conventional wisdom that Democrats don’t vote in midterm primaries chiefly holds true, but if a primary race gets enough press coverage, Democratic voters will indeed show up. (Matt Strabone)

7. Preuss, One of San Diego’s Premier Charter Schools, Has a New Test: Unionized Teachers

9. Opinion: Stop Blaming Vacation Rentals for San Diego’s Housing Woes

Short-term vacation rentals do not remove affordable housing options from the market because most of these homes have never been “affordable.” (Jonah Mechanic)

10. Hotel-Tax Supporters Want Housing Bond Backers to Stand Down Until 2020

The San Diego Housing Federation is under pressure to postpone its housing bond measure until 2020 amid hotel-tax backers’ fears that both tax measures could sink on the November ballot. (Lisa Halverstadt)

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