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As Ariana Grande would say, I’ve mostly been doing winter things this week, but wanted to make sure you saw our package of year-end stories.

Instead of a list of stories I’ve been reading this week (because let’s be honest, I haven’t read anything – apart from some dope books I got for Christmas), I put together the 10 best stories I read this year. I really love compiling these stories and random thoughts of mine each week, and I so appreciate all of you taking the time to read them. Cheers to 2019.

What VOSD Learned This Week

Before we get to those year-end pieces, we did do some actual reporting this week.

Maya Srikrishnan highlighted the story of a local mother who was deported to Mexico and banned from the country for 10 years but was finally allowed back into the U.S., where she spent Christmas with her family.

Unfortunately, though, most stories related to the border at the moment aren’t as rosy. For example, state leaders are still scrambling to address the need for a shelter and resources to accommodate migrants who are essentially being dumped on the street in San Ysidro with virtually nothing.

Finally, Ry Rivard broke down a strange case in which the San Diego County Water Authority sued five Indian tribes after the tribes won a decades-long battle to reclaim lost water rights. An arbitrator did not have very kind words for the Water Authority’s effort.


I always think it’s fun and illuminating to look back at the year in news through many different lenses. Here’s how we’ve reflected so far:

We found 10 photos that encapsulate the year in news.

We rounded up our favorite and most impactful Voice of San Diego stories from the past year.

Of course, we’re not the only journalism game in town – so we highlighted the best stories about San Diego from other outlets.

We also isolated the most amazing quotes the news gods bestowed on us throughout the year.

The border loomed large in local and national discussions about San Diego. Maya Srikrishnan pulled out five telling statistics that can explain the chaotic year.

And Jesse Marx assessed the first year of legalized marijuana to determine the major takeaways.

Finally, on the podcast, we looked forward to 2019 by kindly suggesting some resolutions the San Diego region should consider adopting.

My 10 Favorite Stories of the Year

Sara Libby

Sara Libby was VOSD’s managing editor until 2021. She oversaw VOSD’s newsroom and content.

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