Workers for the San Diego County Registrar of Voters submit ballots from drivers at a drop-off location in March 2020. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

This week was all about the primary election in the Voice of San Diego newsroom, and we’ve got what you need to feel confident filling out your ballot. 

San Diego voters will soon decide on high-profile races like the county sheriff and Chula Vista mayor. They’ll also decide whether to stick with incumbent local officials, state legislators and Congressional representatives.  

We know it can be a lot, so our team put together a comprehensive ballot guide recapping local and state races you’ll be voting on. Because it’s the primary, most final decisions won’t be made in June. Instead, the top two vote-getters in most races will move on to the November election.   

Bookmark this bad boy, as our editor Andrea Lopez-Villafaña would say. Election Day is June 7. 

Want to dive deeper? Here’s what else you should know about the races we’re watching: 

  • Six candidates are running to replace now termed-out Mayor Mary Casillas Salas in Chula Vista. Residents told Lopez-Villafaña they want a leader who will finally follow through on long-standing promises to improve the quality of life there. 
  • County partisanship and demographics are changing, and so is the race for sheriff. It’s possible the next sheriff will be a Democrat after at least half a century of Republican dominance. Jesse Marx profiled the race here. 
  • If you’re a North County voter, skip straight to what you’ll be voting on by reading the latest North County Report. Tigist Layne has details on the most-watched races and candidates’ top priorities in the region. Note: North County voters will have to wait until November to weigh in on key local races like city council seats and ballot measures, but there are some major assembly, state senate and congressional races on the June ballot. 
  • In addition to getting your ballot in the mail, you’ve likely also gotten some interesting mailers attempting to sway your vote. Our podcast crew had a fun discussion about that plus the race for Chula Vista mayor and county sheriff on the show this week. Listen here. 

What We’re Working On 

  • It’s tradition for us to track the money being raised and spent in big San Diego races. Check out these charts to see where the candidates stack up. 
  • San Diego police could see a nearly $14 million budget increase over the previous year. Mayor Todd Gloria said the proposed boost in the next city budget reflects San Diegans desire to keep safe and improve response times.  
  • Our Lisa Halverstadt dropped another bombshell story this week. She reports that City Attorney Mara Elliott’s office delivered a letter to former city Chief Operating Officer Kris Michell accusing her of ordering the deletion of cell phone and computer records about 101 Ash St. and Civic Center Plaza. Read her reporting here. 

Read These Comments 

On Supervisor Joel Anderson’s efforts to clear a homeless encampment on North Magnolia Avenue in an unincorporated portion of El Cajon … 

“Overnight camping on the street is understandable, but folks should be expected to pack everything up the next day and move to another location. When did it become ok to allow people to build forts forever in the same location?” – John Ingalls 

“And move them where? They should have to have a safer destination before they can move people from public space for being poor.” – @objkshn 

Live podcasts are back! Join us June 9 at Novo Brazil in Chula Vista to talk politics, key races we’re following and a range of news topics important to South County residents. RSVP here. 

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