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For years, San Diego politicians touted subsidized permanent supportive housing as the gold standard solution to end homelessness.

But not every homeless San Diegan requires that level of services and aid. Regional data on San Diegans who exited homelessness in the past year shows many ultimately did so without subsidized housing or ongoing aid.

Our Lisa Halverstadt reports that a majority of San Diegans who transitioned out of homelessness ended up renting their own unsubsidized homes.

Regional Task Force CEO Tamera Kohler told Halverstadt that the numbers underscore the fact that many who fall into homelessness need “just a little bit of assistance” to move back into homes.

The numbers also speak to other realities, including a shortage of permanent supportive housing, vouchers and other resources – and an increasing focus across the county on a broader array of solutions to help San Diegans grappling with housing insecurity and homelessness.

Service providers also told Halverstadt they often nudge their clients to try to find homes they can rent on their own rather than wait for subsidized housing that an Alpha Project manager described as “almost like winning the lottery.”

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A Parent’s Guide to Pre-Enrolling Their 4-Year-Olds in School 

A Sherman Elementary kindergarten class. / File photo by Jamie Scott Lytle

San Diego Unified’s universal transitional kindergarten program is a new grade created by the state for 4-year-olds and the district hopes it can help combat the long-term trend of enrollment decline. But even given that hope, the process of enrolling a child in UTK has been confusing for some parents. So, we compiled a guide of some of the most important things to know. 

Here are some highlights

  • All children born between Sept. 2, 2018, and Sept. 1, 2019, and who live within district boundaries are eligible to enroll in San Diego Unified’s UTK program in the 2023-2024 school year.
  • UTK runs five days a week for six hours a day, though most schools have one short day a week. The exact schedule varies from school to school.
  • The pre-enrollment period for UTK runs from Feb.1 to Feb. 28.
  • Almost every single elementary or K-8 school in the district offers UTK.
  • San Diego Unified offers free before and after-school care options, but space is limited.
  • Space at neighborhood schools is limited, so pre-enrollment is important. That being said, last year all children who applied were offered enrollment. Just not necessarily at their neighborhood school.

Learn more about UTK pre-enrollment here. 

Politics Report: Would You Rather … Have a New City Hall or New Civic Center

File photo of San Diego City Hall / Photo by Brittany Cruz-Fejeran

There could be a division brewing about how the city should go about rebuilding its civic center. Already the San Diego City Council tapped the brakes on a plan to build a new City Hall because of reservations about process and timing. 

But the Politics Report suspects there is a much deeper division brewing. Would city leaders rather have a new City Hall and sell the rest of the land (an option that’s viewed by some as the quickest) or approach this project as a “once in a lifetime chance to do something special” that would be significant for generations to come?

The Politics Report writes that the City Council and mayor will have to wrestle with those questions as they continue their efforts. 

Big city numbers: Stats at last week’s State of the City speech are difficult to take in unless they are placed next to the city’s historic performance, or performance of other large cities, because they don’t tell the whole story. The Politics Report breaks down some numbers from the mayor’s speech. 

Also: Things aren’t going well at SANDAG. 

Read the Politics Report here. The San Diego politics roundup is available to Voice members only. Get access here. 

VOSD Podcast: In our latest episode, hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña chat about the possibility of having a new San Diego Special with the planned redevelopment of City Hall. The crew also shares their hot takes on Mayor Todd Gloria’s State of the City speech. 

Listen to that here or wherever you get your pods.

In Other News 

A horse at a ranch in San Ysidro on Monday, Jan. 16, 2023. / Photo by Ariana Drehsler

The Morning Report was written by Lisa Halverstadt, Jakob McWhinney and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña. It was edited by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña. 

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  1. No mention of Unsheltered #SanDiego residents rescued from the flooded San Diego riverbed???? “The largest swift-water rescue on Monday involved seven people who became stuck on a small island in fast-moving water near 4700 Pacific Highway in San Diego just after 9 a.m. Some of the victims ended up in the water. Rescue crews quickly moved the people to safety.” They were driven there by Mayor Todd Gloria’s relentless criminalization of his most vulnerable residents, at least 2500 Unsheltered San Diegans — 133 floor mats as Inclement Weather Shelter in East Village & Bankers Hill. 1728 shelter beds for at least 4800 houseless San Diego residents, almost 1/2 unusable by Sr’s & disabled persons (top bunks), w/ only 60 of them in non-congregate shelters, which Families, Sr’s & disabled persons need for health & safety.

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