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Partner Voices

Traditional display ads are great, but they don’t allow you to go very deep with your story.

Many sites try to address this with sponsored content, but it’s often flat—or deceptive—and doesn’t tell the story well.

To address this, Voice of San Diego created Partner Voices. It’s a special section of our site where we publish stories about the philanthropic work of local companies and nonprofits.

Each Partner Voices story is written by one of our professional copywriters. To research stories, our copywriters have attended sponsor outreach events and conferences, conducted interviews, and more. We’ll present you with a fully conceived draft and incorporate your edits so you control the message.

Although all sponsored content must be clearly labeled on Voice of San Diego, it can be surfaced to readers on the homepage, in ads, or via newsletters and podcasts.

Local organizations love Partner Voices. For more information, contact Iris Magid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the Partner Promos in the Partner Voices section?

Voice of San Diego’s development department produces Partner Voices content. They are not editorial products of Voice of San Diego’s journalists.

Will Partner Voices sponsors/underwriters affect VOSD editorial decisions?

No. Partner Voices products are not editorial products. VOSD editors and journalists are not involved in the writing of Partner Voices stories.

In keeping with VOSD’s history of organizational transparency, all Community Partners are displayed as paid sponsors. VOSD will clearly label Partner Voices content on the VOSD website.

Do Partner Voices stories have to meet certain standards?

For content to be published on the Partner Voices website, it must meet established criteria:

  1. Stories must be engaging and interesting and employ a unique storytelling technique. We may work to revise some submissions to protect the Partner Voices look and feel.
  2. Content should be showcase opportunities for San Diego residents to get involved, and highlight genuine philanthropic efforts made by sponsors.
  3. Content should avoid making boastful claims or casting aspersions on other businesses and organizations.
  4. Partner Voices is not a hub for sales pitches, press releases or classifieds.

For more information, contact Iris Magid.