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This map shows how likely schools are to lose teachers to other San Diego Unified schools, using data on where teachers transferred over time. It shows that while schools in more impoverished areas such as the National City border are more likely to lose teachers than schools in wealthier areas such as Scripps Ranch, there are also numerous schools that buck that trend.

Keep in mind that while a school may be located in a more affluent area, it may still have a high percentage of children who are poor because of busing or unique programs. You can click on each school to see its test scores, poverty level and enrollment for 2008.

This map is based upon a National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting analysis of San Diego Unified teacher transfers between 2004 and 2008. adjusted the numbers for shrinking enrollment, so as not to count teachers who were displaced to other schools as transfers. The data do not include retirements or teachers who transferred out to other school districts.

Data mapping was completed by Adam Geitgey, who is the Chief Technical Officer for Tucuxi Software in San Diego.