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Lightner Pushes Back One Paseo Vote

Council President Sherri Lightner’s staff has been looking for weeks at possible locations in Carmel Valley for the Jan. 27 hearing. But they still didn’t manage to secure a location in time.

Urbanism Took a Beating in 2014

New efforts aimed at making the city a more urban place, with denser development and increased use of public transportation, didn't fare well over the past year.

Zapf, Harris Split on a Path Forward for Belmont Park

Two City Council members are split over what any lease deal for Belmont Park should look like. Their differing views emphasize once again that the city is figuring out on the fly how to get the most out of the property it leases to private companies.

Welcome to 2016, San Diego (Just Kidding. Sort of.)

Council President Todd Gloria joined this week’s podcast to talk about some of the biggest issues facing San Diego and how they’ll play out politically following Tuesday’s election. One major issue he helped usher through the City Council — an increase of the minimum wage in San Diego — will be on the ballot in 2016.

The City Puts Its Showdown With the State on Pause

The City Council, city attorney, state representatives and the mayor's office figured out a way to temporarily end a conflict between state and local law that threatened to close the tap to hundreds of millions of dollars in state money for local construction projects.