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Reducing Red Tape – at the Expense of Residents

A slew of recently approved "mixed use" projects totally ignore a requirement for commercial projects to have off-street parking. These new gated communities have minor commercial space and little to no parking, abusing the intent of the city's land use code, if not the letter of the law.

San Diego’s Next Density Fight

City planners are eyeing changes to Grantville: They want to take the industrial area and turn it into one with lots of apartments and retail storefronts, an urban village based around the neighborhood's trolley stop. But if history's any guide, that'll be easier said than done.

Conflict Pushes Fulton Out of Bay Park Decision

The city is selecting a consultant to rewrite development restrictions around two new trolley stops. Planning director Bill Fulton removed himself from the decision due to a conflict of interest under the city's ethics ordinance.

MTS Almost Got Off Easy on the Desert Line

A company under increasing scrutiny nearly made life easy on county transportation officials this month, when a missed lease payment almost negated its contract to rebuild a cross-border freight line. Now, if public officials want to undo the deal, they'll have to work for it.


Blunting Climate Change in Our Neck of the Woods

If we hope to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, we must start locally. The Board of Supervisors can do just that by showing residents it understands its responsibility to protect what remains of the Cleveland National Forest.

The Mayor Wants More Houses in San Diego

Mayor Kevin Faulconer says more homes will stabilize housing prices. How does he want to boost supply? Mostly by adding funding to existing efforts, and the ever-popular streamlining of regulations, restrictions and processes.

What the Recession Did to Downtown Development

Civic San Diego fielded applications for just nine new projects in 2008, while developers withdrew their request for five others. In 2009 and 2010, while the economy tried to find its footing, downtown activity almost disappeared.