The Story Behind the Voice

Launched in 2005, Voice of San Diego was the first digital, nonprofit news organization in the country to serve a local community. Its founders, longtime columnist and editor Neil Morgan and entrepreneur Buzz Woolley, felt the region desperately needed more reporting, analysis and journalistic competition.

VOSD made a name for itself by producing hard-hitting investigative reports along with civic engagement opportunities that gave San Diego residents a new platform to discuss and debate the issues that impact their quality of life.

Fast forward a decade and VOSD is widely regarded as a pioneer in the nonprofit news industry that has built a sustainable business model based on the support of individual members, sponsors and the investment of local and national foundations.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver ground-breaking investigative journalism for the San Diego region. To increase civic participation by giving residents the knowledge and in-depth analysis necessary to become advocates for good government and social progress.

Our Approach

Our approach is a little different than traditional newsrooms. Learn more about Voice of San Diego’s values here.

Most important, VOSD gives concerned residents the tools to engage in important conversations about their community. We are building a community of educated San Diegans who dare to ask tough questions and demand answers. Raise your voice by becoming a member today. Find out more now.

Our Funding

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are fully funded by individual members, major charitable gifts, foundations and community partnerships. We depend on these contributions to continue our mission.

The donors, sponsors, grantmakers, partners, board members and thousands of individuals who support this service financially do not influence day-to-day coverage, stories or investigations. The board of directors sets the operation’s budget, determines the CEO and keeps the organization focused on its mission to do investigative journalism and help residents get the information they need to become advocates for good government and social progress. The staff and board continually review priorities and broad areas of editorial focus.

Financial documentation:
Voice of San Diego 990 Form, 2021
Voice of San Diego 990 Form, 2020
Voice of San Diego 990 form, 2018

Voice of San Diego Audited Financial Statement, 2021
Voice of San Diego Audited Financial Statement, 2022

Voice of San Diego Funding Policy

Funding Options

Interested in supporting Voice of San Diego? Become a member, or learn about about corporate funding options including sponsorships and underwriting.

People who support us

VOSD Content Sharing Policy

Voice of San Diego openly shares its staff-produced content with community organizations and publications. But there are some restrictions. Check out our guidelines.

Got a Freelance Story to Pitch?

We love to hear from local journalists with ideas brewing. If you have one that fits into our scope of coverage, shoot Managing Editor Andrea Lopez Villafaña a note.

Want to Intern for Us?

We make a point of offering a worthwhile internship to college journalism students and recent graduates interested in real newsroom experience. You’ll tackle a narrative of your own while contributing regularly to our online content. You won’t be making copies or getting us coffee. Plus, we pay. Applications are due March 15 for Summer, August 1 for Fall, and December 1 for Winter internships. Please send a cover letter, your resume and three clips via email to

See more about the internship program here.