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Voice of San Diego is a pioneer in the not-for–profit news industry. Dedicated to providing ground-breaking investigative journalism for the San Diego region, our goal is to increase civic participation by giving residents the knowledge and in-depth analysis necessary to become advocates for good government and social progress.

We are a team of engaged, creative and curious people who are passionate about journalism and its power to highlight local issues and bring pressure on leaders to address those problems.

Open Positions

Intern | view full job description (intern)

Under the direction of the Associate Editor, the intern will have the opportunity to
work alongside Voice of San Diego reporters and develop meaningful stories. Our intern will obtain a better understanding of local politics and compelling investigative storytelling that serves the San Diego community. In addition to helping reporters with projects, the intern is expected to pursue her/his/their own stories and pitch ideas to the editorial team.

She/he/they will learn to gather and analyze facts through interviews, investigations or observations about current events and/or topics, and write stories in an objective and accurate manner, describing the events, background, meaning, and effects.

September through December 2022; dates are flexible.

Applications are due August 19, 2022. To apply, submit your resume, cover letter and three relevant samples to

Multimedia Journalist | view full job description (multimedia journalist)

Voice of San Diego seeks a Multimedia Journalist with an eye for powerful visual storytelling. The Multimedia Journalist will serve as the visual lead for the organization — that includes taking quality images to accompany our reporting, and separately working on their own short-term and long-term photo essays. This person would not be limited to photo essays for storytelling; they would also use social media posts, graphics and video.

To apply, submit your resume, cover letter and three relevant samples to