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Unless specifically restricted, Voice of San Diego allows others to republish our articles free of charge as long as you adhere to the below conditions.

Content Sharing Policy Conditions

  • Clearly credit the author and Voice of San Diego in the byline, e.g. Scott Lewis, Voice of San Diego.
  • If you can, embed the VOSD logo (square version or horizontal version) somewhere on the story page. Email VOSD if you need higher-resolution logo images for print.
  • Include author’s contact information found at the end of all VOSD articles. After the author info, include his line: “This story was first published by Voice of San Diego. Sign up for VOSD’s newsletters here.
  • If republished online, link byline to and retain all links embedded in text.
  • Text cannot be edited, except to reflect changes in time. (For example, “yesterday” can be changed to “last week.”) Headlines can only be edited for length (if it is too long).
  • Photographs, graphics and illustrations are not part of the free-sharing program and cannot be republished without specific permission. You may create your own graphics and illustrations if you like, but you must then include attribution that says “Editorial note: This image was created by [insert name of your news organization]. It was not created by Voice of San Diego.”
  • If you’d like to use one of our photos, graphics or illustrations, email us at to ask for permission. When and if permission has been granted by a member of our staff, you must then include attribution to the photographer or designer. “Photo by [insert photographer’s name] / Voice of San Diego” or “Graphic by [insert designer’s name] / Voice of San Diego.”
  • Certain articles, including freelance copy, reader letters and commentary are not included in the program. If you have a question, please ask.
  • Contact Julianne Markow at 619-550-5673 or with questions.

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